A Welsh law for people and nature – it’s time for politicians to work together

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A blog by Richard Nosworthy from WWF Cymru

It’s exciting to think that Wales could be about to pass a strong sustainability law to help people and nature.

Getting to that point, however, is proving a little complicated.

Despite the wave of public support for a brighter future expressed through WWF Cymru’s Welsh Wish campaign, down in Cardiff Bay things aren’t yet on track.

The latest Assembly vote on the issue was disappointing. Key parts of the Bill, including goals on climate change and Wales’ global responsibility, were lost.

A great shame, but a good law is still within reach. We just need politicians of all parties to work together to rebuild the Bill.

After all, there’s a huge amount at stake.


If they get the Well-being of Future Generations Bill right, it could help people and wildlife in Wales and all over the world.

That would include public bodies taking stronger action on climate change. It would also mean changing the way public money is spent so that we cause less damage to our forests and seas.

It would also be a great story to share with the world at the big environmental summits being held in New York and Paris later this year.

So, together with our fellow members of the Sustainable Development Alliance, we’re calling on our supporters to raise your voices once again.

Take our online action ahead of the next key vote on 10 March. It could prove vital in helping protect our planet for future generations.