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Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill: Alliance calls for more focus on the long term to ‘future proof’ Wales

The Welsh Government should give greater priority to the needs of future generations, if its Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill is to make a real difference – according to an Alliance of over 20 Welsh organisations.

Responding to the launch of the Bill today, Chair of the Sustainable Development Alliance, Anne Meikle said:

 “The Bill published today is another step in the right direction, but the proposals are complex and we need to be sure they will make public bodies give far greater weight to meeting the needs of our children and grandchildren. Too many political decisions these days give priority to short term gain at the expense of the future.”

“If this law is to be effective in future-proofing our country, it needs to set clearer goals, which take account of future challenges and give more priority to the long term consequences of today’s decisions.”

 “We need to be prepared for a world where there is fierce competition for resources such as energy and timber, and recognise that decisions we make in Wales have a direct impact on people and nature globally.”

“It’s notable that today’s interim report on ‘The Wales We Want’ highlights climate change as a key issue facing future generations. Yet as it stands, the bill falls short in terms of changing the way the public sector works to tackle such big, long term issues.”

“On a more positive note, we are pleased that the Government has responded to concerns about a lack of a goal relating to the Welsh environment. As an Alliance, we now want to work with all parties to develop legislation that will give future generations the life they deserve.”

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Editor’s notes

  1. The members of the Sustainable Development Alliance are:
    • Christian Aid
    • Cafod
    • Oxfam
    • WWF
    • Friends of the Earth Cymru
    • Bat Conservation Trust
    • Bevan foundation
    • Cynnal Cymru
    • Disability in Wales and Africa
    • Fair Trade Wales
    • Wales International Development Hub
    • Life for African Mothers
    • Love Zimbabwe
    • RSPB Cymru
    • Stop Climate Chaos
    • Tearfund
    • The Women’s Institute (WI)
    • Welsh Centre for International Affairs
    • WCVA
    • Butterfly Conservation Wales
    • Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg
    • The Co-operative Cymru/Wales
    • WSPA
    • Keep Wales Tidy
    • Wildlife Trusts Wales
    • Bees for Development
  2. More details on the Alliance can be found at: