The SD Alliance urges Assembly to vote for the ‘Future Generations’ Bill after final amendments are passed

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The Sustainable Development Alliance has congratulated the Assembly on passing amendments to strengthen the Well-being of Future Generations Bill today, and is now urging Members to vote for the Bill next week.

The Members will vote on the Bill during a plenary discussion which will be held at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay on Tuesday 17 March.

If the Assembly vote for this Bill as amended it will then become law, a law which has a clear duty for public bodies to carry out sustainable development as well as a clear definition of sustainable development.


The Well-being of Future Generations law would also set long term goals that tackle the big issues for the future, like climate change, and make sure everyone knows how far and how fast we need to move to achieve them.

The new law would also have the potential to help tackle fuel poverty, create jobs, boost the economy and help support people around the world, as well as protecting and enhancing the environment.

The Sustainable Development Alliance, which brings together nearly 30 organisations, from environment and development charities to faith and belief, community and women’s groups, has been campaigning for the Bill for the past three years.

Anne Meikle, Head of WWF Cymru and Chair of the Sustainable Development Alliance, said:

“We are extremely pleased that the Government has taken on board the concerns that we had about the previous version of the Bill, and that parties have worked together to strengthen the Bill and voted today to make a strong and clear Bill.

“We now urge Assembly Members to vote for the Bill at stage 4. The Bill can then become a strong, effective and world leading piece of legislation, which will deliver real benefits for people and the planet.

“Wales has the opportunity to set an example to the world by making sure that government and public bodies meet the needs of future generations, as well as people alive now.

“We ask all Members to act as global citizens by voting for the Bill and helping achieve a decent life for people living in poverty around the world. The Alliance would like to congratulate all parties for all the work that has been done so far, and remind them that the future of Wales is now in their hands.”

Responding to the vote for the amendments today, spokesperson for the Sustainable Development Alliance Haf Elgar, said:

“As an Alliance we have been on a long journey, and the passion, commitment and determination from organisations and individuals across Wales to shape the future of Wales and the world by building a strong Future Generations Bill has shone through. We now urge Assembly Members to vote for the Bill next week.”